cats, books, comics, yoga, crochet and Japanese Culture

About me


Caricature by a good friend of mine, done for a wedding card for our wedding.

Caricature by a good friend of mine, done on a card for our wedding.

Hi! My name is Lorn. Been reading books since I could remember, had cats when I was growing up, crochet’ed since the 5th grade and has practiced yoga for more than three years now. I also love Japanese Culture (which basically directed my life after college 🙂 ) I’ve just started blogging 😀

I’m not a professional  reviewer. It’s just a way for me to process what I read. read. The reviews I write are of my own opinion and I am not being paid to make it.   There is no intention to offend anyone. I will always try to give a fair review and try not give a very bad one. I believe that there will be books that may not work for me, but may work for someone else and I wouldn’t want them to lose the chance to read a good book. I also don’t include spoilers.

If you would like me to review your book, please send me an epub or mobi file. Print books are also okay and pdf format. I will always try to post a review in a timely manner, but if you have a specific date, please inform me too.

I like to read children’s books, young adult, contemporary romance, new adult, fantasy. I also love stories (in romance, especially) about food. You can email me at pakwanstripes [at] gmail [dot] com.

Pakwan (pack one)  is Filipino for watermelon. It used to be my nickname when I was a kid. (Don’t ask why, long embarrassing story) Some watermelons here are plain dark green and some have stripes all over. Here’s to striped watermelons!


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