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Mi Cielo, Mi Vida: Review of Feels Like A Dream by Isabelle Peterson

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Title :  Feels Like  A Dream
Book 5 of The Dream Series
Author: Isabelle Peterson
Date Published: June 24, 2015
Language: English Add to Goodreads

synopsis 2

Like most men, Kevin Parker had always dated women his age or younger. Then after dating an older woman for a couple of weeks (now just a good friend, Elizabeth—Beth—Fairchild), Kevin developed a new perspective on love and romance. With his newfound insight, Shelby O’Sullivan catches Kevin’s eye. Confident. Funny. Beautiful. Getting to know her, he quickly realized that she is the woman of his dreams. Nine years older than Kevin, a history of less than amazing boyfriends, and a health history she feels is tarnished, Shelby O’Sullivan has avoided falling in love over the past several years. She doesn’t want to fall for Kevin’s southern charms and sinful good looks, but soon finds herself doing just that. Is their romance a dream come true or a nightmare in the making?


I first read Ditching The Dream a few years ago and I’ve always liked Kevin, him being a really nice guy and all. So Feels Like A Dream was a treat for me. This book can be read alone, but it is best read after the rest of the Dream Series, to give the reader a better understanding of everybody’s relationships.

Kevin Parker has fallen inlove many times. But he has an undeniable attraction to one Shelby O’Sullivan, who, incidentally is older than him by a few years. Just when she thinks she’s got her life more or less figured out, Shelby O’Sullivan falls in love with Kevin and suddenly gets thrown a curve ball.

While Kevin maybe younger, he shows a high level of maturity and sensitivity. His personality is built around his strong family background that grounds him and teaches him the values that make him endearing. He is persistent and understanding of Shelby’s situation and because of his love for her, he has a readiness to re align his perception of family for her happiness.

Shelby has her issues, specially when she started coming to terms with Kevin’s attraction to her. One is that she is older than him, second is about her health conditions and third, can someone as damaged as her be really loved? Shelby tends to be pessimistic, but this is only rooted to the fact that she would rather not expect too much and avoid suffering a heartache. But with Kevin’s persistence, she learns that yes, she can be loved, and yes, she does deserve her own happiness.

Feels Like A Dream is a good read on an afternoon. The sex is hot and the characters are charming and relatable. I’ve always loved Peterson’s PoVs (third person, and alternating 1st person) and she used it again nicely for this installment. While most of the narration is through Kevin’s, she also has Shelby’s PoV. Shelby’s PoVs are short, but concise and gives the reader a better understanding of her personality as it really fleshes her out.Peterson also provided everybody with a solid family, who were there to support them throughout. While there were moments that the story sort of slowed down, she nicely inserted her other characters story from the earlier books into the plot, which gave this book a very satisfactory ending. Kevin was my favourite from the first book of the series and I am admittedly very happy that he gets his own happy ever after.

Note: Book was provided by the author for an honest review

abt auth 2

The short story

I’m the wife of a most fabulous man for twenty years. I’m a mother of 2 busy teens. I’m a dog lover. I’m a serious drinker of coffee and wine. I live near New York City. My favorite place that I’ve visited is Monaco. My favorite color is green (but I look best in pink/salmon). My favorite food is chocolate. My favorite kind of music is New Country.

The long story

I’ve always been a creative sort of person… I started with my college studies in Advertising Design and Illustration. I’m good at drawing and coming up with clever ideas. As for story telling – well, that’s where I have the most fun! Ditching The Dream is my first novel, but I’ve been working on writing movies since, what seems like forever. Way back in high school my friend Aimee and I started writing a movie and I was hooked. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we loved coming up with the story. I also like to come up with stories about people I don’t know. Like the guy that cut me off on the expressway…He had quite a story – at least in my mind! Who knows? Maybe I’ve come up with a story about you! 😉

Ditching The Dream is a story that came to me while I was helping two author friends of mine. I was helping them with their books and I would make suggestions to amp up their stories along the way. Bev and Amy encouraged me to write my own story and Ditching The Dream was born. Is it auto-biographical? No, not in the least. But it sure has been a fun story to come up with (especially when my hubby gets involved with coming up with ideas).

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