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Review: The Millionaire Daddy Project by Roxanne Snopeck

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Title :  The Millionaire Daddy Project
Men of the Zodiac Novel
Author: Roxanne Snopeck
Date Published: May 12, 2015
Language: English
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In the space of about a second, successful restaurateur Dane Bergman has gone from millionaire playboy to daddy. Now he’s the sole guardian of a very adorable and willful four-year-old child, and he’s counting on his executive assistant, Pamela Atwater, to save his ass. Even if it means bringing her along on a month-long ocean-side retreat…

Pamela Atwater prides herself on being the perfect assistant. Whatever Dane wants or needs, she’s there—pretending to ignore Dane’s golden charm and drop-dead gorgeousness. On vacation, however, Pamela sees a side of Dane she never imagined. And it’s a side that tempts her to cross the line between professional and personal. But is one month enough time to prove to Dane that his perfect assistant might just be his perfect match?


Dane Bergman, a very successful restaurateur, finds out one day of his ex girlfriends has died and left him a four year olf daughter. Undoubtedly his, he doesn’t want to include the Danielle into the system of foster homes but is conflicted because he believes he won’t be able to provide the home she deserves. As he tries to figure our what to do, he brings into the loop his executive assistant, Pamela Atwater, since Danielle seems very taken with her. At Pamela’s advice, he spends a month in his island resort, with Danielle and a very reluctant Pamela.

Once In a while, a book likes to surprise you. And I really wasn’t expecting to like this book as much I would, but I do. The Millionaire Daddy Project is a great story, fast paced and hot. I can’t deny that I’m always attracted to stories that have something to do with food. I loved Dane’s and Pam’s past and how they were able to turn their lives around. They are both crazy loyal and do things with absolute determination.

I liked how Snopeck brought out Dane’s past and how she highlighted Pam’s priorities in life. With Dane stumbling around to understand this change in his life and Pam, guiding him in her own way, and little Danielle being the reason for it all, it only endeared the characters more to me.

My only complaint with the book is that I just think the ending was abrupt. I would have liked the story to go on a little longer, and to  out the conflict a little more to prepare for the end, but that’s just a minor consideration.

Overall, I enjoyed reading The Millionaire Daddy Project. It is a quick and steamy read and will be looking out for more from Roxanne Snopeck

Note: Book was provided by the publisher via Netgalley

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Before she was a novelist, Roxanne was an aerobics instructor (fired for insufficient coordination), a cosmetics salesperson (lacked that go-for-the-throat sales attitude), a dog-trainer (they all died*), a tax consultant with H&R Block (yeah, that was before Quicken and TurboTax), taught dog and cat breed names (she’s a font of useless information) and even wrote content for an interactive romance/mystery video game (still can’t master Windows 8.)

Now she explores all kinds of careers from the safety of her desk, through her characters. It’s better for everyone that way.

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