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Rodeos and Chili : Review of Midnight Ride by Cat Johnson

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Title :  Midnight Ride
Midnight Cowboys Romance, Book 1
Author: Cat Johnson
Date Published: April 28, 2015
Language: English
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synopsis 2

One bucking bronco…
Oklahoma ranch hand Tyler Jenkins is too young, too sexy, and too damn wild to be tied down by any single woman—for more than a few steamy hours…

One hard-working widow…
Widowed rancher Janie Smithwick is too busy paying off her debts to play rodeo with a reckless young cowboy like Tyler—no matter how hot he gets her…

One midnight ride they’ll never forget…
As a rule, Janie should be dating a man her own age, like her handsome neighbor Rohn—not the twenty-four-year old ranch hand he employs. But once Tyler gets Janie alone—held tight in his arms, pressed against his hard muscled body, burning with desire—the widow realizes that some rules, like broncos, are meant to be broken…


My first cowboy romance book! (bring out the chili!)

 Tyler Jenkins is sexy, adorable and absolutely has that cowboy sweetness I keep hearing about. And I can’t help but hear that southern drawl of his in my head every time he speaks. While he seems to be gallivanting around with different women, in the end, he is thoughtful and caring with the people and the woman he chooses to love. I laughed at his first encounter with Janie and how persistent he is about his feelings for her.

And who says a widow has to look and be older that the universe? Janie Smithwick is only 36 years old, having married young and also losing her husband at an early age. I admire her for being dedicated to her ranch and sad that she was up to her neck in debts for it. But when Tyler comes her way, of course she couldn’t understand how he could be attracted to her at first, but well, I don’t think any decent girl can resist a cowboy when he sets his eyes on her.

I’ve never believed in that so called rule of dating someone your own age. Age really doesn’t matter, as long you both get along (and are consenting adults), me thinks. I think this is the reason I was initially attracted to this book and specially because this time, it’s the woman who gets to be older. Aside from that, I’ve heard so much about cowboy romance and all the fun that goes along with it that I’ve been wanting to read one. Cat Johnson didn’t disappoint this first time cowboy romance reader. Her cowboys are wonderful and funny, the women, smart and determined, and the romance is as hot as the summer sun. And now I’ve got a hankerin’ to join a rodeo or at least watch one.

abt auth 2

Cat Johnson is a New York Times bestseller and author of the USA Today bestselling One Night with a Cowboy, Kissed by a SEAL, and Saved by a SEAL.

A self-proclaimed promo ‘ho, she is known for her creative marketing and research practices. Consequently, Cat has sponsored bull riding rodeo cowboys, owns an entire collection of cowboy boots and camouflage shoes for book signings and a fair number of her consultants wear combat or cowboy boots for a living.

Over the past 5 years, Cat Johnson has put approximately ¾ of a million digital and print titles in readers’ hands. As a hybrid author, she writes both full length and shorter works and is currently contracted for series with publishers Kensington and Samhain.

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