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Cat Thursday #09: Miao Cat Cafe! The Philippines’ 1st!

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cat thursday 2

Welcome to the weekly meme that celebrates the wonders and sometime hilarity of cats! Hosted by The True Book Addict, join us by posting a favorite LOL cat pic you may have come across, famous cat art or even share with us pics of your own beloved cat(s).

Two weeks ago, my friends and I crossed the seas (Manila Bay, actually) and the traffic to visit the Philippines’ first ever cat cafe.

Miao Cat Cafe is located at the second floor of Cake2Go in Congressional Ave.  There wasn’y any signboard to the place and there isn’t any parking. But I’ve travelled around the Metro to know that before you go anywhere, you have to do your research. And It wouldn’t hurt to ask around too.  So anyway, the landmark is the Cake2Go sign plus this door

You know it’s the right place because you start seeing cats..


Climbing up the stairs, the café has a little foyer where guests are asked to read the rules and sign the waiver. You will be also asked to take off your shoes and wear the slippers provided. Rates are 300 Pesos for adults and 150 for kids, good for one drink and one meal. Guests are only allowed to stay for a maximum of two hours to give the cats enough time to rest and for the staff to clean up for the next batch of guests. (click on the image to see a bigger photo)

Read the rules, people! its for everybody’s own good (humans, included)

The café serves pasta, cookies, muffins and rice w/ chicken and a few blended drinks. Don’t ask me what specifically they were (okay so this probably makes me a bad blogger) but I was busier playing with the cats than paying attention to the food.  The muffin I ordered  was great, and the blended drink was okay. Please remember that they aren’t professional chefs so don’t expect 5star restaurant quality food but For 300 pesos, I think the food is okay. Infact, the owner, Ms. Loida Ramos-Benson, was telling us, their original plan for the cafe was to only be for relatives and friends. So, it surprised them that they got really popular.

The  place was small, with a Japanese sit on the floor area for a big number of guests and a few tables. There are seat covers with cat prints, and a wall that has photos of the cats. The owner tells us that they actually have  35 cats in their cattery and they rotate the cats who entertain in the café.

Not necessarily the cats on duty for that day but some of the cats they have.

Pictures of the interior of the café. The walls have drawings of cats in them (which I would really love to also have in my room, btw). There are also baskets and cushions for the cats to sleep in, whener they feel like it. And there are cat paws guests can play with too.

Walls have lots of things catty. I love the drawings!


They also have fixtures on the ceiling for the cats to run around, when they want to play Cat-overlord on the humans.  See that orange cat. Nope, not in the mood to bother with mere hoomans. Not even a tummy rub 😦

Oooh, Cat-overlord sir, won’t you grace us with your presence? No? A tummy rub, perhaps? Please?

Pretty pretty pleeeaaassssee?

The café also has an open area where the cats can bask in the sun without  the risk of them jumping into the street.

Cat pillows, cat mobiles and all the other cat stuff!

No, kitty, this doesn’t lead to Wonderland. Just to that place where there’re lots of sun.

The open area has seats and some other cat hiding places

Shoo, human, You’re disturbing my peace!

And this one doesn’t even care.

Overall, I loved the café, for the cats. The food was fine, but its the cats that matter the most to me 😀 Some of the flat faced cats had tear duct stains but that’s easily remedied anyway. And while they seem to allow guests to bring their own cats , I don’t think its advisable. Cats tend to be more territorial than dogs and its very hard to integrate a new cat into the group. Your cat will just be kept in its cage while some cat will growl at it from the outside. Very stressful for everybody involved.  Regardless, I will go back there one of these days so I can meet all the other cats they have!

If you’re interested, Miao Cat Café is located at #7 Congressional,  Quezon City. You can visit their facebook page or contact them at 022747937 / 09258777617. The Café usually gets fully booked so its best to reserve at least two weeks in advance.

Now, for a few insights from our cat visits. Cats can demonstrate many things:

Various states of rest.

Various states of happiness

Various places where one can sleep

How to scheme for world domination is, of course, always included (or at least against my camera strap)

How to use the slavery of the humans for their pleasure.

But at the end of the day..

They sit still, stare at nothing and contemplating the next step to their plan.


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