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Quote-Tastic Monday #18: Once Upon A Rose by Laura Florand

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Quote tastic

Quote-Tastic is a weekly Monday meme hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. Open your books (or turn on your devices) and pick your book’s quotable quote.

Outside the house, an empty, faded teak table sat in the shade of a massive plane tree. Newer outbuildings stood a little distance from the farmhouse, across a wide gravel yard. As Layla and Allegra headed around one outbuilding, Layla caught glimpses of metal and blue barrels through the factory doors, a chemical scent washing over her. Someone was unloading burlap sacks from a truck onto a conveyor belt that carried those up to a man on an upper level.

She and Allegra rounded the building and—

Layla stopped dead, all the muscles in her body relaxing in pleasure.

The roses stretched out for what seemed like miles, their glory revealed in the morning light. Row after row of pink, stretching all the way to a village at the end of the valley, a stone church steeple rising past the fields. Morning dew still gleamed over the petals—not the formal, sculpted buds of the cut roses used in bouquets but softer, more open blooms, thickly ruffled with pink petals. The sun lifting past the horizon angled rays the whole length of the valley until the entire vision sparkled in her eyes. Scents wafted over her, and her hand slid away from the grip exerciser in her pocket. For a moment, her mind was blank even of music. All she wanted to do was breathe.

Allegra smiled at her. “Beautiful, isn’t it?”

“It’s incredible.”

 –  Chapter 3, Once Upon A Rose
by Laura Florand

2015 has given me a beautiful start for my reading year. Three of my favourite authors published absolutely beautiful works and it’s just the start of the year! Once Upon A Rose is the 1st book from the La Vie En Roses by Laura Florand. Its about Layla Dubois, a burnt out musician who travels to France to visit a house she has inherited and Matthieu Rosier, a rose harvester, who thinks Layla is out to get his valley. Coupled with Laura’s beautiful descriptive narration, their love story it is such a treat to the senses to read.

Check out my review of the book here.
To learn more about Laura Florand and her books, visit her website, twitterfacebook and  Goodreads pages.

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One thought on “Quote-Tastic Monday #18: Once Upon A Rose by Laura Florand

  1. She’s one I’ve really got to read at some point. So many of yall say such lovely things about her books.


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