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Quote-Tastic Monday #16: While It Was Snowing by Elyssa Patrick


Quote tastic

Quote-Tastic is a weekly Monday meme hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. Open your books (or turn on your devices) and pick your book’s quotable quote.

“Felicity!” Harry barged into the bathroom, holding a book in his right hand.

“Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!” She grabbed at his sleeve and furiously pointed to where the spider was. Or had been. It was no longer in that spot. “Where did it go?” Harry!”

He looked at her, confused. “Where did what go?”

“The fucking spider!”

Harry blinked. “A spider? I thought something horrible happened.”

She glanced around the bathroom, looking for the Spider of Death, and found it making its way down from the ceiling to the painted blue walls. “It’s coming after me.”

“Holy sh—“

“Kill it! Burn it!’


“Hurry! Before it kills me dead!” she wailed. “Just kill it already. Throw something at it. Get a flame torch. Burn everything! Just do something!”

Harry looked at the book and sighed. “I guess I can use this.”

“Yes! Do it! Now! Swing, Harry!”

Harry strode to the wall, took the book, and hit the spider with a resounding thud. Only when the spider had been flushed to its watery grave did Felicity brethe a sigh of relief and look at the book that had brought about the death to the Spider of Death.

“You Nicholas Sparked it.”

Harry smiled at her, laughter in his eyes. “I guess I did.”

-While It Was Snowing
by Elyssa Patrick


This was one of my holiday reads. I really enjoyed this book, so I don’t think I can “Ellysa Patrick” any kind of insect (specially worms. I’d just scream and run away like a crazy person). Plus, my copy is the kindle version. Many more books would be at risk (LoL).

To find out more about While It Was Snowing and Elysa Patrick, visit her website.

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2 thoughts on “Quote-Tastic Monday #16: While It Was Snowing by Elyssa Patrick

  1. LOL I’d so be having that reaction too. Heh.

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