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Quote-Tastic Monday #11: Shame by Rachel Van Dyken


Quote tastic

Quote-Tastic is a weekly Monday meme hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. Open your books (or turn on your devices) and pick your book’s quotable quote.

 Wes sighed. “Gabe’s more of a tough-love sort of guy.”

“Yup.” Gabe nodded. “We’re like good cop, bad cop.”

“Which makes me?” I asked.

“The villain.” Gabe grinned.

I, however, did not.

“He’s kidding.” Wes shot Gabe a glare and led me out of the room. “But really, every good story needs a villain. May as well be both the hero and the bad guy. That way you’re kick-ass.”

“Some heroes be weak,” Gabe said from behind us. “All the princes in the fairytales? They don’t even have pecs.”

“It disturbs me that you look at their naked chests.” I sighed. “On so many levels.”

–  Chapter 44, Shame
by Rachel Van Dyken


Shame is the last book of Rachel Van Dyken’s Ruin series and of course, readers get treated to that Wes-Gabe banter (which will now include Tristan). I’ve always enjoyed how she makes Gabe and Wes talk to each other. Throwing in Tristan in the mix just makes it alot more interesting! I laughed at how Tristan just zeroed in on the fact that Gabe looks at their naked chests.

To know more about Rachel Van Dyken and her books, visit her at You can also connect with her through facebook, goodreads, twitter, and Amazon Author Page.  If you’re interested in purchasing the book, follow these links : Amazon, B&NiTunes.

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Author: Lorn (pakwanstripes)

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3 thoughts on “Quote-Tastic Monday #11: Shame by Rachel Van Dyken

  1. Hehe.. that was pretty funny.. Disney princes without pecs.. lol 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Now I need to go watch some Disney movies and see if the princes really do lack pecs. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We can check out Triton, but he’s not a prince (anymore). I have to dig into my brain which Disney prince even went topless 😀


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