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Filipino Friday: Suprise, Reader!

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Filipino Fridays is a weekly meme that started with the Filipino Book Bloggers, and has evolved into a yearly pre-Filipino ReaderCon tradition. Every Friday, a topic will be posted and all Filipino readers are encouraged to make their own post about it. Anyone can join as long as your post can be viewed by everyone else – you can post it on Tumblr, Blogspot, WordPress or any other social networking site, just make sure to set it to public. Filipino Friday is a chance to have fun and interact with other Filipino Book Bloggers who you will most probably meet in person if you’re joining the ReaderCon with us. 🙂

 My first Filipino Friday Post! 😀

This week’s topic:

Surprise, Reader! Hello, it’s the first week of Filipino Fridays 2014! Whether it’s your first time to participate or not, tell us a bit about yourself. More specifically, tell us about your favorite book discoveries for this year. Any author you started reading this year that you can’t get enough of? A book you didn’t think you’d like, but you ended up liking/loving? Any book series that you just have to get your hands on? Have you discovered anything new from Filipino authors this year?


Something about myself
Started blogging just May this year. I have three bossy female cats and one very supportive husband (who joins me in my slavery love of the cats). I also love comic books, video games and crochet. My special talent? I can crochet and read at the same time (beat that!)

Book Discoveries this year:
This year, I discovered TONS of books! Most of it’s Filipino Lit, like Edgar Calabia Samar’s Janus Silang at ang Tiyanak ng Tabon, Chrissie Peria’s The Kitchen When it Sizzles and Mina V. Esguerra’s The Interim Goddess of Love. I also read Melina Marchetta’s Jellicoe Road, and suffered from  a book hangover for a week or two 😀

For comics, I graduated from DC’s Nightwing to Grayson. Tim Seeley, Tom King and Mikel Janin bring Dick into the world as a secret agent and he is HOT. I must confess, since I met him when I was on my fifth grade, Dick Grayson was and still is my ultimate Fictional Boyfriend ever. I also completed Batman Zero Year, and reading about Bruce learning the ropes to become the Bat was a great ride.

Any author you started reading but can’t get enough of:
Edgar Calabia Samar! Edgar Calabia Samar! Edgar Calabia Samar!

Any Book series you can’t get enough of:
Janus Silang series. I’m really waiting for the other books to come. I wanted to read it when it was recommended to me, but was a bit worried it might not be good, or I might be reading another Percy Jackson or Harry Potter. Surprise, surprise. It is uniquely its own and I love it. Now, if Mr. Samar could a teensy bit faster.. (Uummmm.. pretty please? :D)

Have you discovered anything new from Filipino Authors this years?
Yup. I’d like to think this year has been my Re-discover  Filipino Lit year. I used to think all Filipino Lit would have these very very deep meaning where you’d be an idiot if you don’t understand it. Or if it’s contemporary romance, it would be very badly written.

Salamat sa Diyos mali ako.

I read Chrissie Peria’s The Kitchen When it Sizzles and Mina V. Esguerra’s The Harder We Fall and Interim Goddess of Love. I love it and I was gladly proven wrong about romance. The truth is, Nate is Bacon, Nicholas is karne and Quin is just…. Haaayyyyy ❤ ❤

But among my discoveries, I think Janus Silang is my most memorable one. Before Janus, all the Adarna books I read were the children’s story books. When Chrissie Peria recommended Janus Silang to me, I.Was.Hooked. Myths are creepier when they’re closer to home. Now, I have this crazy fear of walking at night and suddenly thinking some kid-who-will-turn-into-a-tiyanak might following me. *shivers* Grabe ka, Mr. Samar, kasalanan mo to. 😀


Author: Lorn (pakwanstripes)

Yogi, book lover, comic book reader, cat moma and diabetic :)

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