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Quote-Tastic Monday #10: Apolonia by Jamie McGuire

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Quote tastic

Quote-Tastic is a weekly Monday meme hosted by Herding Cats and Burning Soup. Open your books (or turn on your devices) and pick your book’s quotable quote.

    “Are you sure you don’t want a slice?” I asked, pulling up a triangle from the rest. The melted cheese made a string from the slice to the pie, and I used my other finger to pull it off and stuff it in my mouth. “It’s so good. Best in town.”

“It smells delicious,” he said, still looking at his paper.

“Then, have some.”

“I’m not sure if I should.”

My nose wrinkled. “Why?”

“Because I…I’ve never had pizza before.”

“You’ve never had pizza,” I deadpanned. “You’re lying.”

He looked up at me and blinked, clearly surprised at my accusation. “I don’t lie.”

I put another slice on a paper plate and held it out to him. “Noted. Now try some pizza. Get the full college experience.”

After some hesitation, Cy took the plate from my hands and studied the slice of pizza. The grease had already saturated the plate around the cheesy borders. The pepperoni and sausage glistened.

A corner of my mouth went up. “Unless you’re lactose intolerant, take a bite or forever be a pussy in my eyes.”

“A-a,” he stuttered. “I presume you’re referring to one of two definitions for that word. The less vulgar possibility doesn’t make sense. The second is preposterous. How could one become a vagina when not taking a bite of pizza? I’m clearly a male—”

“Christ on a bicycle, dude, just eat the fucking thing!”

–  Chapter 7 Apolonia
by Jamie McGuire

I have so much love for Cy! He is just adorable, trying to get a grip on the American English language  (LoL).
Apolonia is Jamie McGuire’s newest book, released last October 6. It’s a New Adult Sci-fi Romance story about Rory Riorden who foiled her own murder two years ago.  In college, she meets Benji, the attractive classmate and Cy, the mysterious boy who sits in the front row. After witnessing CY being abducted, Rory comes to the rescue, only to find herself immersed in a world full of secrets.

To read my review of the book, click here.

To know more about Jamie McGuire and her books, visit her at or on Facebook and  Twitter.  If you’re interested in purchasing the book, follow these links : Amazon | Amazon Paperback | Kobo |Nook | iTunes 

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