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Thirsty Thursdays #14: Most Romantic Setting




“Thirsty Thursdays” is an original weekly feature from the Lazy Book Lovers where we highlight all that makes our mouth water in the world of books. Every week, pick either a quote, book cover, book boyfriend or kiss from our favorite books, that makes us all swoony.

This week’s feature is about the most romantic setting. I don’t travel alot so I love books that give me beautiful descriptions of settings of different places. One of my favourite (or rather most loved) author is Laura Florand. I love how she writes about the settings of her novels and its like you can smell the chocolate or hear the sounds.  So this week, I’m featuring The Chocolate Kiss where the setting is in a place in Paris, France called the Ile Saint-Louis. The Ile Saint-Louis is one of the natural islands along the river Siene and is connected to the rest of Paris by four bridges.

Photo of the Ille Saint Louise by Ms. Vanessa Margo (click on the image to visit the page)

Photo of the Ile Saint-Louise by Ms. Vanessa Margo (click on the image to visit Ms. Margo’s page)

Her aunts had written her specific directions: Follow the river and cross one island filled with tourists and pigeons gathering before God. Thread through them, shake her head at postcard vendors, protect her bag from pickpockets, and come to the little garden tucked like a secret behind the cathedral, hidden by the big tour buses that lined the street from end to end. There, a bridge arched up, spanning the river in one graceful leap. And at the peak of the arch, a young man stood at the rail of the bridge. His long gold hair was tied with a leather strap at the base of his neck. His white poet’s shirt rippled from the movements of his arm. He played the violin, intensely and with passion, old, rich music she almost recognized escorting her across the bridge.

– Chapter 5

Magalie was crossing the Pont Saint-Louis between the cathedral and her island when a young woman who looked like a student grinned at her. That in itself was unusual. People didn’t grin at one another in Paris.
    Magalie hesitated, because the other woman was either crazy or they knew each other. Oh, or maybe she was simply hoping to soften any tight hold Magalie had on her wallet, because the other girl proceeded to open a violin case and leap onto a stand she had lodged against the metal railing, at the high point of the bridge’s arch.
    Her blond hair was caught in a ponytail, her jeans worn at the knees, and she held that violin as if it was part of her body, as if, without it, she would lose her balance and topple into the Seine.
    Magalie took a step toward her. “Do I know you?” she murmured.
    The girl laughed out loud. “You make good chocolate,” she said and brought her bow down on the violin.
    It was like being pierced with a thousand points of light. Heaven touched earth. It was the most beautiful sound Magalie had ever heard in her life.
   Everyone on the bridge stopped. The waiters in the café at the far end of it froze and turned toward her. People stood from their tables to get a better look.
   The other young woman was grinning, brilliant with joy. Her music washed over everyone, some great ode to freedom.
-Chapter 37


And here’s something to seal the deal:

Photo by  Edouard Boubat- Ile Saint-Louis, Paris, 1975. Click the image to go to the orignal site (

Photo by Edouard Boubat- Ile Saint-Louis, Paris, 1975. Click the image to go to the original site (


The Chocolate Kiss cover

I will always say that I never liked France that much but Laura Florand just makes Paris and France so absolutely beautiful, I can’t help but fall inlove. If you aren’t inlove with Paris and France, or if you want to fall in love some more, read Laura Florand’s books. You can find more about her and her beautiful books through her website, facebook page and goodreads page.

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3 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursdays #14: Most Romantic Setting

  1. That is a really romantic spot. =)

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  2. I love this series! I’ve read all the books, but I’m listening to the Chocolate Kiss audiobook right now and it is fabulous! Great narration!

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