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Beep Test: Review, The Harder We Fall by Mina V. Esguerra

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Title :  The Harder We Fall

Author: Mina V. Esguerra
Date Published: October  2014
Language: English
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She knows it won’t last…

Nicholas is unlike anyone Daria has ever dated, and yet he hasn’t left her mind since she got her hands on the 23-year-old rugby player when he took a tumble during a game.

But they aren’t even really dating; a fast fling is all they have time for. He’s heading to Japan to play pro and is only in town to tie loose ends. She’s graduating in three weeks, and is only covering his struggling rugby club to win a internship spot in a documentary that’ll start filming in Europe.

Getting what they want means they don’t get to stay together. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have fun — as long as they don’t fall hard.



The Harder We Fall is about one graduating college student named Daria Kramer and one Nicholas Cevasco. Daria had it all planned right from the start. She worked hard and achieved high grades. Without her father’s help. Graduation was near and success was unquestionable. She was so sure she’d get that internship in Europe. Nicholas, was the former Captain of the college rugby team. He was accepted to a rugby team in Japan. But before he leaves, he wanted to help the school’s ailing rugby team.

Until an additional challenge for Daria’s internship came up and so they meet.

What that ties Daria and Nicholas together, aside from their attraction, of course, is their determined and independent personalities. Daria, wanting to achieve without attaching her father’s name to everything, and Nicholas, to provide for his mom without asking anyone for help. Their issues, somewhat similar, run parallel with each other. I love (LOVE) independent characters. And I like seeing how they do their best to achieve their goals. Daria, I can relate to, because I understand her need to do things on her own, without the help of an influential name. But although the book talks about independence, it also talks about strength. Where that strength is also about admitting when you need help, especially if the help is given freely and wholeheartedly. And these two journey together to learn this.

I’m glad Nicholas isn’t an arrogant jock. He’s warm and thoughtful. Ready to sacrifice to a fault, his concern for the team extends up to the players as an individual. He, along with his friend Grayson Price, are determined to get enough attention for the college’s rugby team. Esguerra painted a very strong image of Nicholas and it was touching for me to watch the big guy struggle with his issues.

I love the supporting characters (notwithstanding the fact that I’m really partial to characters named Grayson). But its Kyle Lefferts who stands out for me. He is just an evil, scheming jerk, who’s standing in the side lines, waiting for the chance to clip Daria’s wings. One of the measures of a good writer, for me, is when they can make me hate the antagonist. Scheming, rumor spreading antagonists are the best (or worst) kind. And Kyle, I hate him, like wring hands in frustration-slam-the–book-shut-in-anger hate. No wonder Daria shudders. (Here’s me shuddering *shudder*).

If there’s anything I enjoyed since I started blogging, rediscovering Filipino literature. The Harder we Fall is Mina V. Esguerra’s first in her Spotlight Series. It’s also my first book by her and it’s a combination of everything I’ve started to love. It’s an excellent light read, with hot romance, great narration and wonderful characters. I will be looking forward to Grayson’s story and for all her other books. And probably try to drag my husband to a rugby game of the Philippine Volcanoes one day ^.~

Know more about Mina V. Esguerra through her website, Publishing in Pajamas, facebook page and goodreads.


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