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Off to an island: Review of Turning up the Heat by Laura Florand



How much of ourselves should we give to the person we love?
There is no doubt that Lea and Daniel are still madly inlove, but in an effort to selflessly suport and nurture each other, they both lost themselves without even realizing it. It took some distance for them to find themselves again.

And why is it so hard to say the things we want to say?
Communication is an important part of any relationship and Lea and Daniel’s mixed signals are right on the dot. I loved the fact that Florand switches POVs from Lea and Daniel, to show both their thoughts. The frustration of Daniel, the hesitations of Lea were very close to reality. It was kind of like a “He Said-She Said” situation, where they feel the same thing, share the same thought, but since each say it differently, the wires get crossed.

Really I would Blame it on Paris for my Laura Florand addiction. But this has got to be a very personal favourite of mine. Hitting very close to reality, she touches the truth of how a relationship in a marriage actually is. Giving wholeheartedly and selflessly is possible, but holding back a little of yourself is okay. It doesn’t mean you love the person any less. Speaking your heart to avoid confusion is also part of the equation. Because no matter how much you love that person, you really can’t read minds.

Of course, the romance is flawless, sweet and scorching hot and there really just has to be cooking. I love Laura Florand for all the chocolates and macarons in France (or in the world), but I love her more for writing stories about marriage.  They are just as significant because it gives the readers a snippet of real life married couple’s problems while still being absolutely romantic.  More than the journey to the wedding, I have always wanted to know what happens after because working to keep the love is alot harder than earning it.

Turning up the Heat is part of the La Vie en Roses series by Laura Florand. Know more about her thru her blog, facebook and goodreads.

This review is my honest opinion and I got the copy as a free copy from


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3 thoughts on “Off to an island: Review of Turning up the Heat by Laura Florand

  1. technically, I haven’t read your review yet. I haven’t read this novella yet and I wouldn’t like to be spoiled hehe 🙂 I can’t wait for her new book, which is a La Vie en Roses book.


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