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And now your blessedness appears: A Review of Sylvain Reynard’s Gabriel’s Redemption

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Do you believe in love at first sight? I don’t. Not really. But I do believe in recognizing the other half of your soul. That was one of the premise of the Inferno books. There are people whom you just meet, where you know instantly that you would click. There are books where just after a few paragraphs, you know you won’t be able to let it go. The Gabriel’s Inferno books was one of them.

Sylvain Reynard truly is one of my favourite authors. He has created a beautiful story of hope, love and redemption through Gabriel and Julia.

His writing had just the amount of build up and emotion. There were instances I wanted to slam the book out of frustration or shyly turn my eyes away from an intimate love scene. Other times, I wanted to strangle Gabriel when he gets a little too melodramatic and other times I wanted to cry with him.

Gabriel still tends to over do some things but I do love the way he tries to tone down his need to protect Julia. Because really, marriage is also about compromise. And for our handsome professor, that was a bit of a mountain to step down from. (which was a very cute struggle to watch)

It was refreshing for Julia to actually assert some authority. rabbits (and kittens) do bite, when threatened. Julia has always been a loving and understanding character and sometimes I feel like I get saturated with it. In the last book, she learns to stand firmly on her won feet and fight her own battles. Kudos to Julia! I would have wanted, though, to know what drove Sharon to drinking. I think this is a lose end SR should have tied up.

Seeing all the supporting character again was like meeting old friends, including my favourite septuagenarian. And I think Paulina has become one of my most loved characters in the book too.

One scene I would like to specially mention is Richard, finding Grace again. Losing my father a few years back, I cannot even imagine the sadness this kind of loss brought to my mother. Richard finding peace moved me to tears.

In the final book of the Inferno series, SR gives all the characters, a kind ending. There is peace where peace is needed, love where love is asked and a just fate for all the wrong done. Very much in reflection to the author’s personality. I would not have expected less of SR.

I will always love S.R., Gabriel, Julia, and all those around them. Of course, a special mention to the Snarky Narrator too.

And yes, Gabriel, now your blessedness appears. See you in The Raven 🙂

Know more about Sylvain Reynard and his other works in his blog here, facebook and Goodreads


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