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When Worlds Collide : A review of “The Son of Sobek” by Rick Rirodan

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The Son of Sobek - coverCover:  The Son of Sobek

I’m not much a fan of the Kane Chronicles. Something about Riordan’s writing in that Trilogy gave me a headache. Therefore, I am not much of a Carter fan. But a Percy fan, I absotively posolutely am. Imagine my surprise when I heard about The Son of Sobek. Well, I did give this kind of cross over some thought. But really? I mean, Carter has has it tough, Percy, just the same. Having these boys together, I figured would make one crazy ride.

Carter tells the story of how he was running after this giant enchanted crocodile when he bumps into an elemental magician who turns out to be my favourite demigod of them all, Mr. Perseus Jackson. The story proceeds with how the two young gentlemen, leaders of their own groups, work together to chase an overgrown crocodile.

From Carter’s naration, we see him sort of stumble a little, causing a little bit of confusion between him and a rash Percy. It was a bit weird because I felt that Percy seemed rude talking to Carter. Percy isn’t rude, so I didn’t know where this was coming from. And since when did he worry about giving names? It was Carter who worried more about giving names.

Regardless, the story was exciting and quick paced,true to Riordan’s style and story telling. Rick Riordan is easily one of my all time favourite writers. Excellent showing of different cultures. How things are called differently but are essentially the same. The banter between Carter and Percy made me laugh. Percy’s “Holy Hera” and other similar expressions had me grinning. It had a bit of a classic RPG to it, Percy being the warrior, distracting the monster, while Carter the Mage had to figure out how to end the enchantment.I had to face palm myself once in a while though, as the two boys tried to out do each other, but in the end had to learn to work together. Carter’s thoughts were really funny and seeing him learn a thing or two from a more seasoned Percy was great. Percy was so much in his element, taking charge of the battle with his famous mini hurricane. (Really, I love it!)

In the end, as Carter wrote his name on Percy’s palm I heard myself whispering it, wanting for them to meet again. I wait with anticipation the time when Percy does the same.

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