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From a Wing-nut to a Grayson fan girl (Review of Nightwing #30)

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Cover of Nightwing#30


Would it be weird if I said my first ever crush wasn’t a real person? Really, the moment I saw Burt Ward as Dick Grayson, it just (as Eric of Disney’s The Little Mermaid said)  “Bam! Hit me! Like lightning”. So I began watching the old Batman series, Burt Ward with Adam West as Batman. After which, I discovered comic books and found out that Dick (or Richard, as I fondly call him)  had grown up and become his own person, Nightwing. I began to actually love the character more than the actor. Through out the years, as my squealing fan girl heart read and followed his exploits, his almost marriage, his short stints as Batman, my fondness (close to obsession) for him never ever wavered.

This year, Nightwing takes on a new journey. Nightwing #30 began by establishing a back story with a distraught Leslie Thompkins in another part of the world. The art was given thick lines, saturated colors in the middle of chaos, reflecting Leslie Thompkin’s confusion of thoughts.

The story moves to the Manor, with a weeping Alfred. I just hate it when Alfred cries. Of all the members of the family, Alfred has suffered the most, often watching from the sidelines while the boys get kicked and shot at and he has to patch them up. This time, I think he deserves a little more trust from Bruce. I mean, how can he trust Luthor but not Alfred?

So the scene moves to Bruce and Dick. A father and son, mentor to student fist fight. Bruce, in typical Bruce fashion asks Dick to make the hard decision. Punches after punches were thrown, as the style seemed darker, the blood more pronounced to show the weight and difficult sacrifice Dick was being asked to make. Honestly, I worry with what Bruce asked from Dick. It might magnify the distrust from the other members from the Death of the Family.  But then, who else can Bruce trust? Who else can he depend on but his eldest son? Usually, the eldest child is the person the parent can count on when the going gets tough. And this is no exception.

The last part I almost hyperventilated xD Thin lines, lighter color, showing Dick having nothing else to him but his name. I’m not so familiar with this artist but I liked his style alot. In his civilian clothes, Dick goes around the globe, trying to get the attention of Spyral. He, in all of his unmasked handsomeness, gets it, an invitation in the form of a piece of paper with a drawing of a spider-web.

All in all, I found it to be a good farewell-welcome issue.I’m just not much a fan of the darker over shadowed style of the second part. For me, the art and inking seemed dirty for my taste had to look twice to see who punched who at the end. Story wise it was good, establishing the storyline for the next title and I liked how Bruce and Dick were “talking”, both insisting on what they wanted, making their own points and finally having Dick ride to his new future.

Therefore, Farewell to Nightwing and welcome to Grayson. Be who we need you to be, Dick. I’ll see you again on July 1.

Check out Nightwing #30 out now and Grayson #01 on  July 1.


Grayson #01 cover by Mikel Janin *__*


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One thought on “From a Wing-nut to a Grayson fan girl (Review of Nightwing #30)

  1. Of course it’s not weird to have a fictional character as your first crush! Trust me! LOL 🙂


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